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3 Miracle in Esthetic Rosereve Japan through the best support from:

  • Japanese technology which consists of theory, techniques and best beauty treatments. Theories and techniques of Japanese beauty expert combined with the results of medical associations in Japan produce ‘Rosereve Pro’. Rosereve Pro is a combined tool of ionization technology, back therapy and magic hands. Those technologies installed together in the hands of customers to absorb nutrients more optimally to the deepest skin layers.
  • Rosereve products, exclusive formulas that combine high-quality materials, and the results of the latest findings. Such as Fullerene which can solve skin problems anti-aging, Epidermal Growth Factor and Ceramide.

  • Traditions, manners and sincere service of Japanese culture are our priority in Esthetic Rosereve Japan. The totality of excellent service is our obligation to reach the perfection of your beauty. And your happiness after treatment is a medal for us.
With three wonders in one treatment Esthetic Rosereve Japan can provide health and beauty benefits of the whole body. Comprehensive treatment that revitalizes skin can protect the skin from free radical damage, help reduce toxins, brighten, and the protection layer provides the deepest skin texture nutrients to remain tight, bright, and smooth. The series of this treatment will make skin young and healthy all the time. Our treatment menu is available from the basic treatment, optional treatment, and special treatment which consists ofspecial super whitening, special acne, special skin repair, special plenty, anti-aging, etc. Starting at Rp 95.000 up to Rp 580.000.