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Rosereve Moistrich Water Gel

 Special gel cream with a variety of benefits ranging from toners, serums, toners milk and cream. Abortion is composed of sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid hydrolyzed seep directly kelapisan deepest skin

If ceramide in thinning skin, the skin becomes dry inclined, can not bind moisture, and easily affected by exposure to sunlight. consequently will lead to dry skin, blemishes, wrinkles and so forth.

3 types of ceramide function moisturize the skin works as a protective layer, in addition to the two types of hyarulonic acid will provide moisture during the day. Fullarens which prevents skin oxidized, a derivative of vitamin C and vegetable placenta, restore skin vitality, elasitisitas and succulence.

How to use

Each after washing the face (continued white lotion and face clear essence) take moistrich gel of pearl and rub in place that tends to dry. If you need to apply to the neck that feels dry.