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Rosereve Cleansing Next

Special cleansing that can be used two ways, directly used as a cleansing gel, or if the added water can be a cleansing foam.

The most fundamental thing in treatment is to eliminate the dirt on the skin.

Cleansing next rosereve with the latest content good for whitening has been awarded the Nobel Prize, the "Fullarens" can absorb a result of oxidation that sticks to the skin like a sponge. With the content of "whey" can eliminate dull and removes dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin.

With 5 different kinds of plant extracts and essential oil 4 can merileksasikan skin and release of muscle tension face.

All of its content makes the skin clean, bright, and fresh.

How To Use


If used as a cleansing gel 
  • Before use, do not dampen the hands and face
  • Take one push, smooth on the face in a circular motion, so that makeup can blend with gel
  • After that rinse thoroughly with plain water or warm water. When rinsing do not rub - rub the skin by hand.
If used as a cleansing foam  
  • Take one push, add a little water, create foam in the palm of the hand. Place the foam on the part of many oils such as the forehead or forehead, then cover the face with foam as a whole. Massage gently.
  • Then do not forget to rinse the area of ​​hair or near the neck, do not let the foam left behind.